1. Go to
2. Under Step #1 Click on “applying online”
3. In the “Create Login ID” box- enter your APS id#
4. In the “Create a PIN” box enter birth date (MMDDYY)
5. Click login
6. Be sure to do the correct Application Type- Dual Credit (HS only)
7. Admissions Term
8. Fill out application-have your social security # (if you do not a SSN use 555-55-5555)
9. Click on Application is Complete
10. Forms and a Signature page will print
11. Write down assigned CNM ID# from form- this will be your CNM id# for as long as you take classes at CNM
12. Signature page to be signed by parents and student (the STARS id# is your APS id#)
13. Forms must be faxed or emailed to the CNM Enrollment Services office to be processed within 5 days. Fax: 224-3237 or email:

 CNM ID# ________________________ (write it here and put it in your phone)

1. Click on “My CNM”
2. Click on look up username “here”
3. Plug in CNM ID# and Date of Birth
4. Write in text in security box as it appears (do NOT use spaces)
5. Click “Submit”- this will give you your username
6. Save Username
7. Go back to myCNM link
8. Click “need to reset password”- put in the username
9. Prompt to create a password
10. Call 224-4357 if you are having problems with your myCNM account (student accounts become inactive if you have skipped a term of taking classes

1. Go to myCNM account and login
2. Click on student tab
3. Click on Mandatory Orientation on bottom right
4. Click “Launch Orientation”
5. At the end you will be asked to enter your name, date of birth, and CNM ID#.

The ACCUPLACER Assessment can be taken at Assessment Services on Main (224-3243), Westside, or Montoya campuses. No appointment is needed, but you will need your CNM ID# and a photo id. Takes about 1-2 hours*students who took the ACCUPLACER before being admitted into CNM, or under a non-CNM ID#, will need to bring a copy of their scores, and a photo ID, to the testing center at CNM to have scores saved under new CNM ID# once admitted. Students can also use ACT/SAT scores by bringing a copy, their CNM id#, and a photo id to one of the Assessment Centers.

 Find classes
1. Your ACCUPLACER scores will determine what classes you are eligible to take
2. Go to and click under Student Resources bar- click “Schedule of Classes”
3. Scroll through course offerings by department
4. Find the CRN# for the course you want to take
5. Meet with a CNM academic Advisor if you need help choosing or knowing what you are eligible to take- make an appointment at 224-4321

 Register for Classes
1. Login to myCNM account
2. Go to top tab labeled “Registration/Grades”
3. Click on “Register Here (add/drop classes)”
4. Click on add/drop class
5. Select a term and submit
6. Enter course number and “submit changes”- should tell you if you are added to class (can drop a class here as well if before the drop date)
7. Go back to the “Registration/Grades” tab in MY CNM and click on Current Schedule to print a copy of your schedule
8. Bring schedule to counselor

 Getting Textbooks
1. Do not go to the CNM Bookstores to pick up your dual credit textbooks or your high school bookroom to pick up your dual credit textbooks.
2. Your textbooks will be available within a week of when you register.
3. You will pick them up at the APS Library Service at 912 Oak Street SE, Building M-Room142 Hours 12-4:00pm M-F
4. Contact your textbook representative before you go to the Dual Credit Bookroom to make sure they are ready to pick up. CNM: 848-8897